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At Middle Fork Outfitters, we strive to provide you with as many options for adventure as possible. Our two backcountry ranches have majestic views, numerous activities, and a welcoming personality. At both ranches we offer breakfasts and lodging.


Our breakfasts are traditional backcountry fare that is made from scratch. We specialize in sourdough biscuits and pancakes, but we make a variety of fulfilling breakfasts. We can provide breakfasts for small or large groups. We prefer at least 48 hours notice before your arrival for breakfasts. We request this so that we can be sure to provide you with an efficient and unforgettable breakfast. The B Bar C Ranch can be driven or flown into during the spring, summer and fall. In the winter, it is fly in only. The Simplot Ranch is a year-round fly in only ranch.

Main Ranch


We have lodging available at both of our ranches depending on what type of a trip you would like. Lodging is by reservation only to assure that we have the crew and space to make your stay a memorable one. While staying at one our ranches there are a multitude of activities you can participate in from hiking and horseback riding, to fishing and relaxing.

B Bar C Ranch

The B Bar C Ranch is a privately owned ranch leased by Middle Fork Outfitters. The B Bar C has 200 acres of pasture and hill land that we use for fishing, hiking, ground squirrel hunting, and horse graze. The ranch has two main cabins, the Lodge and the Roadside House, two main barns, a private plane hangar, as well as numerous outbuildings. The ranch maintains a relaxed and comfortable feel that makes it a great place to escape for a few days. Solar power means that we even have the amenities of satellite TV despite being on the edge of the Challis Salmon National Forest. Silver Creek runs through the ranch itself and collects in a large lake before continuing past us to dump into Camas Creek. Camas Creek also provides unforgettable fishing and is only seven miles from where you would be staying. There are also numerous trails to horseback ride or hike if you want to experience more of the country for yourself. There are many interesting things to see within a days’ ride form the ranch: Indian pictographs and hunting pits, high mountain lakes, as well as beautiful scenery and wildlife. The ranch is accessible by vehicle through the spring, summer, and fall. In the winter, it is only accessible by plane. The 1500’ airstrip is a private strip so you must gain permission before landing. We are happy to send you the necessary release if you want to drop in for coffee and breakfast.

Lake behind B-C Ranch - Hunting
Lake behind Ranch

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