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Summer Fishing & Packing Trips

Summer Fishing

Come join us for a summer wilderness adventure in the Salmon River Mountains. With five high country lakes and more than twenty miles of pristine trout streams, we offer some of the best fishing in the country. There is nothing like riding to the top of a divide and gazing across more country than you could cover in a week, then, descending to a pristine mountain lake for a few days of peace, solitude, and fantastic fishing.

Our camps are first class and comfortable, with some of the best guides and cooks along to insure that your trip is a memorable adventure. You will enjoy Dutch oven cooking and barbecues at the end of a hard day of napping and fishing. The lakes in our area offer three species of the fish; Grayling, Brook Trout, and Cutthroat Trout. Due to the remoteness of these lakes they are filled with large numbers of fish.

Fly-fishing the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, multiple tributaries including Camas Creek and Loon Creek, and numerous high mountain lakes provides a one of a kind experience. Middle Fork Outfitters is located two and a half hours from Salmon, ID. There are several options for the manner of fishing that can be pursued. You have the option of fishing around the ranch, on Camas Creek, at the high mountain lakes, and on the Middle Fork of the Salmon.

The B-bar-C ranch sits at the mouth of Ram´s Creek on Silver Creek, which has great fishing for cutthroat and rainbows. There is a private lake on the ranch property. The lake is full on pan size fish for those wanting to enjoy a fish dinner, and for the beginning anglers to enjoy.

Camas Creek is a three-mile drive from the ranch. Camas Creek is one of Idaho´s best-kept secrets for catch and release fishing. We regularly catch up to 17’ cutthroats and 20’ bull trout on the more remote sections of Camas Ck. Horses and guides are available for those wanting to access the remote sections of this creek. The middle section of Camas Creek sees only a handful of anglers per years so it is pristine fishing water.

The high mountain lakes we have available are also pristine fishing conditions. These five lakes see very few anglers throughout the year. As a result, they are teeming with cutthroat, book trout, and grayling. The bag limits for these lakes are two cutthroat and two grayling per day, and ten brook trout per day. These fish seldom see a fly so filling your bag limit is an easy task. These lakes are pack in trips using horses and mules. You will be staying in tents and enjoying Dutch oven cooking. This is a wilderness adventure at its best.

Fishing the Middle Fork of the Salmon River is another great adventure. It is one of the longest free flowing rivers left in the country. We fish 7miles of this great river while staying at the rustic Tappan Cabin located at the mouth of grouse Creek. The cabin dates back to the early 1900´s and is featured in the book, The Middle Fork River Guide by Cort Connly. The Tappan Cabin will sleep five with wall tents available for more guests. To reach the cabin we must ride down 13 miles of beautiful Camas Creek and then four miles up the Middle Fork.

This area is rich in Sheepeater Indian history. Our guides will show you caves with Native American pictographs, and hunting pits that the Shoshone Indians used to hunt sheep and deer from.  From the cabin we can do day trips or overnight stays at Grouse Lake. Grouse Lake is full of pan size brook trout that are delicious.


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