Elk and Deer Hunting

The Middle Fork is game rich country. We have good populations of all of the species we hunt. All of our hunts are fair chase with experienced guides that just love to hunt.

Elk hunting starts in September with the bugle season. The excitement of hunting bull elk in the rut is something every hunter needs to experience. The Frank Church Wilderness is one of the few places left that you can hunt elk with a rifle while they are in the rut.

In mid-October, we head over to our unit 28 area for opening season. We see large numbers of elk on these late hunts use spot and stalk techniques, along with bugling. November has us glassing for those big bulls up on the ridges. Our stock will get us into this remote country but most of the hunting will be done on foot.

We offer high country trophy mule deer hunts in combination with our elk hunts. These late season hunts are a great time to harvest a trophy buck. The general archery season in our area is in December for elk and deer (either sex). We hunt out of the B-C Ranch in our comfortable lodge. The elk and deer are on their winter range and offer plenty of opportunity to the archer.

Our success rate averages 70% for elk and 80% for deer. Of the elk harvested 85% are 5x5s or better and of the deer harvested, 65% score 170 points or better.

Join us in the summer for a wilderness adventure in the Salmon River Mountains.

Dates & Rates

Hunt 1: Sept. 14 - 20
Hunt 2: Sept. 24 - Sept. 30
Hunt 3: Oct. 3 - 9
Hunt 4: Oct 14 - 20
Hunt 5: Oct. 24 - 30
Hunt 6: Nov. 2 - 8
Hunt 7: Nov 12 - 18

Pack In - COMBO
One Hunter | One Guide
$6,900 per hunter
Two Hunters | One Guide
$5,700 per hunter
Three Hunters | One Guide
$5,000 per hunter