About Simplot Ranch

Simplot Ranch is a privately owned ranched leased by Middle Fork outfitters. Having been in operation for more than 100 years Simplot Ranch has a historic background and loads of character. Located at the mouth of Loon Creek, Simplot Ranch is only a few minutes’ walk from the wild Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Nestled in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area, Simplot is comprised of 120 acres, a cook shack, tack shed, six cabins, and amazing views. Middle Fork Outfitters maintain the 120 acres throughout the year. The pastureland is flood irrigated from May through September, creating a green oasis in a sagebrush landscape. Irrigating Simplot Ranch is a 24/7 labor intensive process that makes you truly appreciate sprinklers and backhoes rather as you work gravity fed ditches and a shovel. At the main ranch, there are lilacs, flower beds, gardens, and even an apple and cherry orchard. The apples and cherries frequently make their way into homemade pies as well as entice the black bears to maintain a close residence in the spring and fall. There are many interesting things to see within a days’ ride form the ranch: Indian pictographs and hunting pits, high mountain lakes, as well as beautiful scenery and wildlife. The Simplot Ranch is accessible only by flying in on the 800’ public airstrip. During the summer, we see a lot of traffic from local flyers to out of town flyers who are participating in club get togethers or just experiencing the Frank Church for themselves.

The Bear Cabin is tucked in between the Harness Cabin and the Loon Cabin (where our crew stays) and accommodates two people. It has a queen bed, propane lights, a partial bath, and a comfortable lodge feel that will be sure to make your trip an enjoyable one. Although the Bear Cabin does not contain its own shower or bathtub, the guest shower is available to all people staying in our cabins. From the front door, you can look out across the lawn and see our gardens, lilacs, and our apple trees that the bears love to visit when fall arrives.

The Harness Cabin is a log building that was built using the logs from a building that was previously at the Middle Fork Lodge. The logs were floated down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in sweep boats and then reassembled. This cabin is one of our larger buildings and can comfortably sleep five people. The Harness Cabin has its own bathroom and shower for your convenience after a long day of fun in the Frank Church Wilderness Area. The Harness Cabin is great for larger groups or families wishing to spend a few days enjoying the Frank Church. The cabin contains one of several full harness sets from the days when everything at Simplot Ranch was horse powered. Although Simplot Ranch has had tractors for many years, horses are still a large part of day-to-day life.

The Cook Shack is the gathering place for Simplot Ranch. The Cook Shack sits on a small flat that rises above Loon Creek, which runs alongside it. From the porch, you have a spectacular downriver view of the canyons that the Middle Fork of the Salmon River runs through. This building sees use nearly year round whether it is for hunting guides taking some time off and trapping in the winter, hunters eating a hot breakfast before heading out for a fall elk hunt, summer adventurers staying in our cabins before a long day of fishing or hiking the Middle Fork, or for the many pilots who land to get one of our homemade breakfasts. The Cook Shack is a comfortable kitchen and dining room that can provide a great breakfast lunch or dinner. We use both a Wolf Range and a wood cook stove to prepare our meals. On the warm summer mornings, we often set up tables outside for those adventurous souls who want a view.


Our breakfasts are traditional backcountry fare that is made from scratch. We specialize in sourdough biscuits and pancakes, but we make a variety of fulfilling breakfasts. We can provide breakfasts for small or large groups. We prefer at least 48 hours notice before your arrival for breakfasts. We request this so that we can be sure to provide you with an efficient and unforgettable breakfast. The B Bar C Ranch can be driven or flown into during the spring, summer and fall. In the winter, it is fly in only. The Simplot Ranch is a year-round fly in only ranch.

Dates & Rates

Hunt 1: Sept. 14 - 21
Hunt 2: Sept. 24 - Oct. 1
Hunt 3: Oct. 4 - 11
Hunt 4: Oct 14 - 21
Hunt 5: Oct. 23 - 30
Hunt 6: Nov. 2 - 9
Hunt 7: Nov 12 - 19

Pack In - COMBO
One Hunter | One Guide
$6,200 per hunter
Two Hunters | One Guide
$5,200 per hunter
Three Hunters | One Guide
$4,700 per hunter

Pack In - Clients Cook
One Hunter | One Guide
$5,200 per hunter
Two Hunters | One Guide
$4,600 per hunter
Three Hunters | One Guide
$4,000 per hunter